Who we are

8bits was born from the idea that the new digital economy requires a new corporate governance.

We meet your expectations by offering all hardware, software and service on a single portal. You’re saving time and money. “At the same time” our organization meets the expectations of our employees, both in terms of purchasing power, flexibility in the organization of their lives, and recognition of their work and skills.

This is why all our team members, whether salaried or not, are associated with the company’s capital. The company’s growth, the result of our shared efforts, benefits everyone.

We are human centric, CSR by Design.

Our Story

Make cloud and Datacenter services more transparent and accessible.

8bits is founded in April 2019 by four associates from the Datacenter and Internet universe. In addition to providing you with a sales and purchasing platform with numerous offers for the Cloud and the Datacenter, we want to evolve corporate governance towards an opal organisation, giving confidence and freedom to his collaborators. 8bits is therefore a liberated type company and its management is an empowerment type. We wanted to go further by offering the sharing of capital, and therefore the valorization of the joint venture to all our employees and partners.

If you are interested in our approach, don’t hesitate to come and talk to us.

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Humans behind the machine

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1 Rue Louis Rolland, 92120 Montrouge, France.

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